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Organisation Committee

Co-Chair: Emma Spary (University of Leeds)

Co-Chair: Ruth Winden (University of Leeds)

Project Officer: Katie Jones (University of Leeds)
Rachel Bray (University of Oxford)
Kasia Bronk (University College London)
Alice Dubois (Queen's University Belfast)
Nicole Horst (University of Cambridge)
Ines Perpetuo (Imperial College London)
Kathy Barrett (King's College London)

Nicola Cuthbert (University of Edinburgh)

 If you have any questions about Researchers14 or would like to work with the group, please contact the Co-Chairs, Emma Spary and Ruth Winden.


University of Birmingham

Vincent O'Grady

Tim Giles


University of Bristol

Claudia Gumm

Lydia Klimecki

University of Cambridge

Nicole Horst

Steve Joy

Cardiff University

Liam Morgan

Rhiannon Robinson

Durham University

Peter Whitton

Simon Rees

University of Edinburgh

Nicola Cuthbert

Fiona Philippi

University of Exeter

Chris Wood

Peter O'Rourke

University of Glasgow

Joanna Royle / Rachel Herries

Rhoda Stefanatos

Imperial College London

Ines Perpetuo

Stefanie Edler-Wollstein

King's College London

Kathy Barrett

Nigel Eady

University of Leeds

Emma Spary

Ruth Winden

University of Liverpool

Saneeya Qureshi

Amy Birch

University of Manchester

Sarah Ashworth

Amy Smith

Newcastle University

Chris Emmerson

Jennifer Webster

University of Nottingham

Victoria Sedman

Connie Wan

University of Oxford

Justin Hutchence

Rachel Bray

Queen Mary University of London

Rui Pires-Martins

Anna Price

Queen's University Belfast

Alice Dubois

Paul Monahan

University of Sheffield

Lucy Lee

Rebecca Ehata

University of Southampton

Julie Reeves

Rosie Wadman

University College London

Amy Hong

Emma Todd

University of York

Francina Clayton

Megan McLoughlin

Organisation Committee

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